‘Something happened between me and Pep that I do not want to talk about.’ The Spanish footballer talked about his relationship with famous coaches.

French Monaco midfielder Cesc Fabregas has spoken about his relationship with Josep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho, who are currently training with Manchester City and Tottenham respectively. Fabregas played for Barcelona under Pep (2011-12), and Jose coached him at Chelsea for the 2014-15 season. To whom the sympathies of the 33-year-old Spanish footballer are leaning are evident in the comments.

“I have not had any contact with Guardiola for the last 8 years. I was disappointed with him; however, I do not know if he feels the same or not. Something happened between us that I do not want to talk about. However, Peppy was still my idol since childhood, and I learned a lot from him. As for Guardiola, after leaving Barcelona, ​​he encouraged me the most. Obviously, we had some contradictions when I was at Arsenal, he was at Chelsea, or when he was coaching Real Madrid while I was playing for Barça. We flipped through these pages easily. He did a lot to get me to move to Chelsea. I still write to Jose and consider him my friend because he helped me a lot during a difficult period. “I probably had the best season of my career with him.”

Recall that Fabregas defended the honor of Arsenal in London in 2003-11, spent the next 3 seasons in Barcelona, then Chelsea, and from 2019 he played in the ranks of French Monaco. Cesc has scored 15 goals in 110 appearances for Spain in 2006-16.