According to various South American publications, Ronaldinho was arrested a few hours ago near the capital of Paraguay, Asuncion. Paraguay’s interior minister says he was traveling with a fake passport.

Although his name, place of birth, and date of birth are correctly stated in the passport, but according to the fake document, Ronaldinho is a Paraguayan, and this is the problem.

Ronaldinho, for some reason, has always been associated with anarchy. At the time of the football game, he was neither convinced by the coaches nor obeyed the general rules. He did passes with his back and often juggled in crucial Champions League matches. While others were licking their lips, Ronaldinho laughed.

As you may remember, the Brazilian was always doing what he thought was right. There were other rules for him. He has not changed even after the end of his career, and because of this, he already has serious problems.


Ronaldinho is not in jail


Ronaldinho is not in jail right now. He is locked up in a hotel with his brother. That’s where they found the fake passport. In the coming hours, the 39-year-old Brazilian should explain to Paraguayan law enforcement what this all means.

Ronaldinho is known to have his true Brazilian passport confiscated due to tax evasion.

Ronaldinho officially ended his football career in 2015 and has rarely appeared on the big stage since then. He played Futsal in India as if returning to football in Colombia, in the election, he backed scandalous Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, known for his racist, sexist and homophobic statements.

And now, a former superstar who had a genius pass has been arrested for having a fake passport.