Turin’s Juventus want the fans back in the very first home match. The president of the Piedmont region also agreed with the Turinese plan.

Turin’s Juventus has drawn up a particular plan according to which a certain number of fans must attend the very first home match of the season. After March, matches in Italy were held unattended. But Piedmont Region President Alberto Cirio has backed the Turin plan.

” We must return to normal life. So, follow the rules and respect each other. “The club’s main goal now is to prepare for the first match,” Cirio said.

Fans have already started attending matches in Italy. Napoli allowed 1,000 spectators to attend the pre-season game. One thousand spectators also attended the friendly match between Sampdoria and Alessandria.

Juventus will play the first home match of the Italian championship against Sampdoria. The meeting will be held on September 19 or 20.