As you know, La Liga has been resumed without spectators. Javier Tebas plans to negotiate with the government. He will try to get some of the fans back to the stadium.

After a pause caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, the Spanish Football Championship is finally back. Fans of La Liga saw Sevilla derby in the opening 28th round, in which Sevilla beat Betis 2: 0.

Due to the pandemic, the meeting was held without spectators, against the background of empty stands. Many think that matches without fans are not fascinating. It is still difficult to say when the fans will be able to watch their favorite club from the stadium.

La Liga president Javier Tebas spoke at an international press conference about the admission of fans to the two Spanish top football leagues. He said he would begin talks with the government and try to get some of the fans back to the stadium this season.

“The pandemic is in sharp decline. The government has set rules for how fans can return to the stadium. In 10 or 15 days, we will meet with the government and try to bring the fans back to the stadium. Obviously, this does not mean filling the whole stadium. At least they will be allowed, of course, with the highest observance of protocol and security measures, “Tebas said.