Paulo Dybala scored his first goal in Serie A. Argentine Pirlo spoke in support of him. The goal will help him psychologically. Dybala accuses the press of spreading false information.

Juventus defeated Genoa (3: 1). The main story of the match was Paulo Dybala’s first goal in Serie A this season. Dybala is not in shape, the game is not going well, and despite that, Pirlo still trusts him and plays systematically. The Argentine scored the goal together with the coach.

After the match, Juve’s “ten” focused on supporting Pirlo and noted that this goal would help him psychologically.

Dybala: “I have a very good relationship with Pirlo. We always talk. But he generally talks a little. So having a dialogue with him means a lot. This goal will help me a lot and boost my self-confidence. I was not confident this season. “I felt like I just had to get the ball or hit the door.”

Dybala also talked about his contract. The Argentine’s contract expires in a year and a half, and he has not yet reached a new agreement. The Italian press constantly writes that he wants a salary of 15 million a year and if not, he plans to leave Turin. In a crisis caused by the virus, it will be difficult for him to receive such a salary in Juve. Dybala pointed out that the press is lying about his salary and is turning Juve fans against him.

“There are a lot of lies being told about my contract. The numbers that are being voiced in the press are not true and are only brought up to make fans oppose me. I love Juventus, I have a good relationship with the fans, and I want to stay here.”

Juve fans have been really critical of Dybala lately. Despite his words, if the parties do not reach an agreement on a new contract by the summer, the Argentine will still have to leave Turin.