Valverde is another start in the making. Real Madrid player has a significant role in the team, and Zidane is happy with his performance.

Zidane loves the skills and mind of Fede Valverde

Uruguayan player could not help Real Madrid in August and September. The midfielder was out because of injury. Zidane could not make actual changes during the matches of La Liga because of Valverde’s absence.

Fede Valverde was the only player that Zidane admires from the young generation. Frenchman always talks about midfielders’ minds, power, and physical ability to cover every part of the stadium. Uruguayan player gave an exciting interview with Real Madrid TV.

The shy personality of Fede Valverde

Midfielder talked about his shy nature. The player admitted that most of the time, he is very quiet and does not like to talk much. At the same time, Valverde noted that he is entirely free on the pitch. He took Zidane’s advice to show his true potential during the matches. Valverde said that he is enjoying every second spent on the stadium.

Nerves before the matches

Valverde returned from injury six days before Madrid Derby in September. Zinedine Zidane decided to start the game with Valverde in the starting lineup. Valverde recalls the moment when Zidane asked him to be in the starting eleven against Atletico at Wanda. Fede noted that he was very nervous and could not concentrate on anything.  Valverde also mentioned the influence of Casemiro before the match. Brazilian midfielder asked him about the nervous hands. Valverde was so worried that his hands were shaking, but Casemiro asked him to enjoy the moment and let go of fair or nerves.

Friendship with Brazilian Casemiro

Federico Valverde said that Casemiro is his main friend in the team. Young midfielder recalls the first few minutes in Real Madrid. As it seems, Casemiro was first who approached and asked him to feel like home. Since then, Valverde and Casemiro are excellent friends. Uruguayan player noted that he loves talking about strategies and performance with Brazilian midfielder. Youngster midfielder also mentioned that Casemiro loves giving crucial and exciting advice about football.