Liverpool have released a video of Jürgen Klopp’s Christmas address, which is quite emotional. The German coach of Merseyside addresses the fans.

At the beginning of the video, Klopp sings the legendary song of George Michael and Wham !, Last Christmas, and then tells Liverpool fans about his family traditions and recalls childhood stories.

“Everyone loves Christmas – young people, the elderly, everyone! “So am I,” says Klopp. “The traditions of England and Germany are a little different at Christmas.” We Germans have a “Holy Evening” on December 24. This is the day when children receive gifts. It was a tradition in my family that every child should play an instrument and sing to us. One was playing the accordion, the other the flute, and I was the youngest, playing the xylophone. Later, when I was growing up, I learned to play the synthesizer. Only then were we allowed to open the presents. It was a wonderful time. I have glorious memories. I really loved these evenings. ”

Klopp also assessed 2020: “It was a special year … 2020 started well, the boys were flying. Then came Covid-19 and stopped almost everything. We all went through this together. It is very cool that we were able to play football again. And we won the Premier League – as it turned out! These were the greatest days of my life. Now we have a pandemic again. We have to endure all this somehow. ”

“Although it was a very difficult year, I hope you enjoy Christmas as much as you can. I hope you are happy with the gifts you have received. Remember: the key is not what you get, but who you get it from and think about what is behind it. So feel the love that is invested in this gift. Merry Christmas!” – This is how Klopp completes his appeal.