Ferland Mendy gave a very interesting interview to the official media of Uefa. He talked about upcoming matches and the Champions League in general.


Few words on Champions League quality

Journalists asked Mendy about the Champions League. They wanted to know about the special feeling that footballers get while playing in this tournament. Mendy was happy to answer this question. He said that footballers became different while listening to the anthem of the Champions League. Young French noted that he has goosebumps while standing and listening to the anthem. He noted that the best clubs in Europe face each other and that makes the Champions League special. Ferland noted that when he has to play against best strikers and wingers, it boosts his confidence.


Zinedine Zidane as a coach

Mendy said that Zidane was an idol in his childhood. It was a big pleasure that Zinedine is the main coach of Los Blancos. Mendy noted that he was surprised when Zidane had interest in him and when Los Blancos decided to sign a young French defender. At first he could not believe that offer but then he understood that it’s reality. Mendy said that he has a very good relationship with Zinedine. The player admitted that Coach loves football so much that they talk and review other matches than La Liga. 


From quitting football to defending shirt of Real Madrid

Ferland said that his childhood was not easy. He got injured and found that there was infection. He was operated in the hospital of France and the doctor even admitted that they could go for amputation. Mendy remembers that he was carried away from hospital a few times a week in a wheelchair. Standing on the legs and walking again was his biggest achievement at an early age. After all, he found strength to return to football and the rest is a history.