FIFA Rules for the Status and Transfer of Players to protect contracts for both players and clubs. And adjusting the terms for registering players.

FIFA’s operating group

FIFA has set up an operating group to study the potential impact of the coronavirus pandemic on player transfers. So there is a real possibility that contracts may end before the season is concluded. Because most leagues around the world were suspended due to the spread of Covid-19. UEFA decided to postpone Euro 2020 for a year, and CONMEBOL repulsed Copa America until 2021. The 2019-20 season, therefore, can continue until the opening of the transfer window. Which will be in June for most European countries, and see the players needed after their contracts expire.

This is an exceptional situation

Following a conference call on Wednesday, the FIFA Council Presidium announced that amendments to its transfer regulations would be considered. The FIFA Confederations Working Group will be responsible for “assessing the need for amendments or provisional orders to the FIFA Rules. For the Status and Transfer of Players to protect contracts for both players and clubs, and adjusting the terms for registering players.”He will also consider issues related to the competition schedule and whether a potential assist fund should be established. President of FIFA Gianni Infantino said: “This unusual situation requires exceptional measures and solutions. This crisis affects the whole world, and that is why decisions must take into account the interests of all stakeholders across the globe.

FIFA donates $10 million to the ‘WHO’ to fight Covid-19

Today we have once again shown the spirit of cooperation, solidarity, and unity. These should be our critical drivers for moving forward, and I would like to thank all the presidents of the confederations for their positive contributions and efforts. “FIFA will maintain close contact with all interested parties to evaluate and take the necessary measures to solve the various problems that we face. I look forward to the support of the entire football community in moving forward.”It has also been announced that the European Championship and Copa America received slots from June 11 to July 11 in the international calendar of matches of 2021. With a new date for the updated club world championship, which will be selected at a later stage. Also, FIFA ratified a $10 million donation to the World Health Organization Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund.