Theatre La Scala hosted a perfect night for the football world. Former and current players gathered in Milan to find who is the best in 2019 according to Fifa. We saw theatrical performances from La Scala representatives. It was a great joy to watch a mix of ballet, music, and football.

Fifa the Best 2019 goes to – Messi

Lionel Messi is back. He could not win any personal trophy for the last few months. Messi and Ronaldo have five Ballon D’ors and its chance for Messi to get another one.

Messi had a perfect season on personal level. Argentinian player won only Spanish Primera Division and the golden shoe for scoring 36 goals last season. Mbappe was his main competitor, but Messi outperformed him.

Lionel had a bad postseason period with the national team. Copa America took place in June-July, but Argentina could not advance to semi-finals. Messi could not help the national team with goals, so we saw an early exit from Argentina. Barcelona lost the final match of Spanish Copa against Valencia and fans were disappointed in Messi.

Despite those little setbacks, Messi scored 36 goals and helped Barcelona to win another domestic league trophy. That’s why Lionel deserved Fifa the Best award 2019.

Messi voted for Cristiano Ronaldo as the second-best player.

National team’s captains have the right to vote for the best player. Messi gave the first position to Mane and named Cristiano Ronaldo as the second-best player. At the same time, Cristiano Ronaldo has not included Messi in his top three players of 2019. Cristiano’s favorite player was youngster De light.

Ronaldo did not attend the glamorous ceremony in Milan

On Tuesday, Juventus coach, Mauricio, met with journalists and talked about the match against Brescia. Coach mentioned that Ronaldo has muscle fatigue, and won’t travel with the team in Brescia. Youngster De Light flew from Turin to Milan and then went to Brescia in just 24 hours. Keep in mind that Messi had a game on Tuesday evening, but he did best attend ceremony on Monday. What happened with Ronaldo? What’s the reason for his questionable decision?

One thing is clear: Cristiano had a perfect Monday evening at home in Turin with kids. Portuguese posted photo on Instagram with a new caption. World-class striker wrote about his determination and work ethic. Cristiano mentioned that after night, there is always a dawn.

Journalists believe that Ronaldo is angry and disappointed with Fifa’s decision. Ronaldo’s Instagram caption and motivational words also say a lot about his absence.