The European Championship and the Copa America will be held in 2021 instead of the planned 2020 summer. This will free up the football calendar, which will allow the club to finish the season. FIFA President Gianni Infantino also endorsed the decision. He will hold a conference with FIFA members Wednesday to take effect. The transfer of the World Club Championship scheduled for the summer of 2021 is also being discussed. Also, FIFA plans to raise $ 10 million for the World Health Organization (WHO) and establish a Global Football Support Fund to help football communities affected by a coronavirus.

FIFA will also discuss changes to the transfer issues to “protect the contractual rights of both players and clubs.” Infantino also said that during the crisis, FIFA would be in constant contact with its member states. “Cooperation, mutual respect, and understanding are the main principles of action during this difficult time.”


FIFA president addresses football community


FIFA President Gianni Infantino has made a statement regarding the coronavirus pandemic:

” We should do everything to protect our fans, players, coaches, and any other people involved in our enjoyable game. The football organizations must take all necessary measures. The world soccer community revealed solidarity and unity against this threat. So we have to continue, and I think it will lead to our future matches up. You should take this issue seriously. At the same time, keep calm and confidence in decision-making.

FIFA will keep in touch with all stakeholders during this difficult time and will try to find solutions based on the interests of football. Health and sports solidarity should be key principles that set concrete steps in this difficult moment. And I am sure that the entire football community is committed to the high values ​​of our sport. Let us remember that sport as a whole and football as a whole will play a massive role in rehabilitating our world.

Difficult moments enable people to come together, showing that they can grow stronger and better in the collective spirit. We know this is one of those moments, ” Sky Sports quotes Infantino’s words.