Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola has made a 1m euros donation to help fight the coronavirus pandemic in Spain.

Coronavirus has taken over the world in months causing fear all over the globe. To curb its spread, footballers among other well-wishers have made donations to help stop the spread of the virus.

Manchester City boss, Guardiola is also on the front line strongly fighting Covid-19. The manager has donated 1m euros to provide medical equipment in his home country Spain.

The former manager and Barcelona player made his donation to a campaign launched by the Angel Daniel Foundation and Medical College of Barcelona.

“The campaign aims to collect medical material and financial contributions from collegiate doctors and the general population. Also, it is geared towards the purchase of medical equipment lacking in health centers in Catalonia.” A statement from the college read.

“It will also help finance alternative production through 3D printing and other methods of respirators and personal protection equipment for healthcare staff.”

Before Guardiola made his donation, the campaign had already raised 33,000 euros in three days. Spain is the worst affected country by the virus in Europe outside Italy. The country has registered 2,966 deaths and almost 40,000 positive cases. The region of Catalonia, where Guardiola is from, is one of the worst-affected parts of the country.

This week as well, Messi and Ronaldo have reported donations to fight coronavirus. The Barcelona forward, Messi has donated 1m euros in a hospital in Barcelona and his native Argentina.

Ronaldo on the other hand has made 1m euros donation to three intensive care units for patients suffering from coronavirus at hospitals in Porto and Lisbon.