Benevento under Filippo Inzaghi coaching will compete for the second time in history in the Italian elite division. Next season of Serie A, we will see the duels of brothers – Filippo and Simone.

Trained by Filippo Inzaghi, Benevento won a ticket to Serie A. In the 31st round match of Serie B, Benevento defeated Stabia 1: 0 at home and became inaccessible to the fans seven rounds ahead of the end of the championship.

The troops of Filippo Inzaghi left the second and third teams in the table with 24 points gap and won the way to the elite.

Thus, Benevento will play in the elite division for the second time in their history. The first time the club reached Serie A was in the 2017/18 season. But they immediately fell through. However, for the club Benevento, which was founded in 1929, the appearance in Serie B is considered to be a great achievement. The team has spent a total of three seasons in the second division of Italy. The rest of the period they were in the lower leagues.

By the way, the last time the Serie B team qualified for the Serie A 7 rounds before the end of the season was in the 1977/78 season, and this was accomplished by Ascoli. Then the victory was estimated at 2 points.

Former Juventus, AC Milan, and Italy striker Filippo Inzaghi has started coaching in Milan. After that he also worked in Venice and Bologna. The 46-year-old specialist took over Benevento last summer and transferred him to Serie A. His brother Simone Indzagi is already working and quite successfully – he is fighting for Lazio Scudetto from Rome.