Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta is recovering well. The Spanish specialist is already  involved in the process. This information was released by the official website of the “Gunners.”

Mikel Arteta, who was recently diagnosed with Coronavirus, has recovered. The 37-year-old Spanish specialist spoke about his health condition.

The 37-year-old Spanish specialist spoke about his health condition. “I am now feeling well. After three or four days, I felt better. Now my symptoms have disappeared.

Everything happened very quickly. I felt terrible on Tuesday morning and went to the doctor. But he did not meet me on the spot.

Later, after training, I was in the car when management contacted me and informed me that the Olympiacos President’s test was positive. Accordingly, everyone who had contact with him was in danger. I was among them.

I told them about my situation and also informed that many of our players had contact with the representatives of Olympiacos.

The next day we had to play against Manchester City. It was clear that in silence, we would put people’s health at risk. That we could not do.

I took the test on Wednesday. On Friday, I was diagnosed. Everyone who came in contact with me had to go to quarantine. The matches were delayed.” – said the 37-year-old Spanish specialist.


Arteta returns to work


“The players and coaches are still in isolation, including Mikel Arteta. The Spaniard feels better and optimistic. Arteta discusses plans with the coaches and has regular contact with the players.” – we read in Arsenal’s statement.

Mikel Arteta’s Coronavirus was confirmed on April 13. His health is not in danger. By the decision of the Football Association of England, all football leagues have been suspended until April 30.

Recall that, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, there is a hiatus in the English Premier League. After 29 rounds in the championship, Liverpool top the table with 82 points. The second-place Manchester City is 25 points behind. London’s Arsenal are in ninth place with 40 points in the table.