Jose Mourinho is not fascinated by playing in the 2nd European tournament. Still the coach prefers to play than not to play at all. Mourinho is ready to do his best to finish season above Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho, the head coach of London’s Tottenham Hotspur, is not fascinated by the prospect of playing in the Europa League. However, he still calls on his players to fight to the end so as not to stay out of the European Cups.

“The Europa League is not an important European tournament. When coaches or players win the Champions League, it makes a totally different sense.

I do not think it will be an interesting issue for Lewis Hamilton if he won Formula 2 or Formula 3000. However, it’s still a title, and that’s why I prefer to play than not play at all. I think this is a title I would have enjoyed at Tottenham.

Obviously, when I was at Manchester United, I only thought about winning the Champions League. But we played in the Europa League and won the cup. So we have to do everything to finish season above Arsenal. “I’ve been to the Europa League twice in my career and I have won twice. So, it will not be bad to do it a third time.”

Tottenham are 8th with three rounds to go before the end of the Premier League, 3 points away from the Europa League zone. Recall that Jose Mourinho won this tournament in 2003 with Porto (the tournament was still called the UEFA Cup), and three years ago, he won with Manchester United.