The Champions League play-offs have started with four rather exciting matches. We offer five outstanding players from the first round of Champions League Eighth-finals.

5. Renan Lodi

Renan Lodi was probably the best defender in this round, but he played well not only in defense. Lodi had an ideal balance between attack and defense, making some dangerous passes, but also taking great balls from the penalty spot.

He earned applause from fans several times when he was involved in the attack in the second half. There were six accurate drops, two interceptions, and two shutdowns on Lodi’s account. At Whoscored, he earned 7.87.


4. Hans Hateboer


Hans Hatebour scored a double against weakened Valencia and contributed significantly to Atlanta’s convincing victory.

The 26-year-old Winger was particularly good at attacking, 34 of 39 passes were accurate, Hans also won 3 air fights, made one accurate drop and, most importantly, struck the opponent five times, more than any other player on the field.


3. Saul Niguez


Young Saul Niguez is one of Atletico’s most important players, and we have long been accustomed to scoring important goals by him. There was no exception against Liverpool, with Saul scoring the only goal of the match and bringing the team to victory.

Niguez also had more successful dribbling (4) than any other player on the pitch, won the most air fights (3) among midfielders, and also made the most interceptions (3) of midfielders. Before the match, he said he knew how to play against Liverpool, and on the pitch, he proved it.

2. Josip Ilicic

Ilicic held a real master class against Valencia. He scored in the penalty area with a powerful shot from the penalty line. After the match, he proudly declared that “such a game for Atlanta should come as no surprise to anyone.

Of Ilicic’s 50 assists in the eighth final of the match, 47 were accurate, giving Serbia the best of 94%. Along with that, Ilicic had the most successful dribbling (5) and touched the ball the most times (79) from his team.


1. Erling Haaland


Haaland fought against Mbappe and Neymar on the field. In case of defeat, no one would criticize 19-year-old striker. But Haaland has oppressed PSG in the first round, and today everyone is just talking about him.

PSG responded immediately to Haaland’s first goal, and within minutes Neymar equalized it with Mbabe’s pass. But in just two minutes, Erling scored such a powerful goal that he slammed into the net. Accordingly, The Norwegian forward earned the advantage for Borussia Dortmund.