Nani remembered Manchester United and Alex Ferguson.

Nani spent probably the best part of his career at Manchester United. The Portuguese won the Champions League with United in addition to domestic English awards.

In the interview, he recalled Sir Alex Ferguson and noted that they had a close relationship with each other because they were neighbors, although Ferguson scared him.

Nani: “At first, I was afraid of him, as you are afraid of your father. I was afraid that I would make a mistake or doing something wrong. It lasted until I learned the language better and understood him and started expressing my thoughts better. After that, I understood Ferguson better and knew what he wanted. ”

It turned out that Nani and Ferguson lived next door, and the Portuguese often drove him away.

“He was my neighbor. We used to travel by train to London. His wife would take us to the station, and on the way back to Manchester, he would be without a car and looking for someone to leave him at home. I took him too. We lived near each other.”

According to Nani, Ferguson threw him in the most difficult situation when he kicked a penalty. While the penalty scorer was Ryan Giggs: “I played well against Fulham, and when we gained the penalty, I immediately took the ball. Giggs didn’t say anything. I failed.

He (Fergie) didn’t say anything to me in the car. He was silent all the way. But he approached me in the dressing room: “Nani, who do you think you are?! Who gave you the right to take a penalty ?! Ryan Giggs was also hit hard for giving me the possibility. ”

Ronaldo had to be replaced by Nani in United. In 2007 he was bought for 23 million euros from Sporting. Nothing came out of it. However, over the years, the Portuguese played steadily and played 230 matches in 8 years.