HawkEye apologizes for match between Aston Villa and Sheffield. The video replay system didn’t notice the goal when the goalkeeper entered the goalpost with a ball.

HawkEye apologized for the apparent mistake made in yesterday’s match between Aston Villa and Sheffield United.

Recall that the match was called scandalous at the end of the match because the Sheffielders did not score an obvious goal. In the first half, the Norwegian goalkeeper of the hosts, Orjan Nyland, found himself in the goalpost. However, the referee of the match, Michael Oliver, trusted the video replay system and ordered to continue the game. As it turned out, he did so in vain.

HawkEye’s official statement followed this story. According to it, the error was due to an accidental coincidence. That was recorded for the first time after using the system more than 9 thousand times. It turns out that all seven cameras that recorded the goal line crossing by the ball were hidden by something at the right moment, be it a goalkeeper, players, or a pole.

Recall that the match in Birmingham ended in a goalless draw. As a result, Aston Villa remained in the penultimate 19th place with 26 points, while Sheffield United is in sixth place with 44 points. On June 21, Birmingham will host Chelsea, and the Sheffielders will visit Newcastle.