English Premier League teams have approved making five substitutes rather than three as it was before in each match to end the 2019/20 season after clubs made new rules.

Football’s international law-makers gave competitions the option to increase the number of substitutes. This was done to protect players’ welfare on the sport’s resumption.

The Premier League teams can now make five substitutions. Each will have three opportunities to make changes throughout the match to minimize disruption to the game. The information was detailed from the Leagues statement that read, “For the rest of the 2019/20, up to five substitutions to be allowed in a match and team benches will increase to nine players”.

“Premier League shareholders today agreed to temporary changes to the rules relating to substitute players. This in line with the temporary law amendment made by the International Football Association Board last month.”

Additionally, clubs have agreed to the use of neutral venues if necessary. Although, the vast majority of matches are expected to be played in their usual grounds, barring local spikes in coronavirus cases.

A draft document detailing the extensive biosecurity measures needed for each match has been circulated as well. It is believed the number of people in the stadium while each match is being played will be limited to about 300.

Moreover, clubs held a meeting on Thursday to discuss the league positions and the possible consequences should it prove impossible to play the remaining matches. The meeting resulted to delay of decisions as the clubs chose to focus on the return to action.

As the League awaits its return on 17th June, an announcement of the first rounds of fixtures since the campaign was halted on 13th March is expected in the next 24 hours.

Clubs having a reduced preparation time is expected to be associated with more injuries as the intensity of training increases in preparation for the action.