Real Madrid’s president is not losing a hope for the Super League. There was a big thing going on related to the Super League last week.

Florentino Perez is not losing a hope

Spanish billionaire and president of the Los Blancos is ready to start the Super League in August. Keep in mind that he will be a chairman and the president of the league for the first few years. Uefa president said that flat earth believers are the ones that still believe in Super League. Ceferin noted that there will be no Super League and if anyone participates in it, they will be fined.

Florentino Perez said that there are big ‘fake news’ campaigns going on against the Super League. He noted that big teams need more money to avoid bankruptcy. Florentino said that Uefa is taking way too much money from the giant teams. He said that fans are mostly watching the games of the big teams and that’s who Uefa is making enough money and then they are dividing it without the consent of big teams.


Clubs can not leave Super League

Real Madrid’s president said that no one of those teams can concede from the Super League. President of the team said that there will be big fines and that legally, they are still part of the team. Keep in mind that there was a big scandal in the Premier League. Fans of Manchester United asked the family who owns the team to concede from the Super League and sell the team. The owner family of MU already put a price on Manchester United. They are willing to sell Manchester United for 4.5 billion USD. It’s a big price but other billionaires or big companies could be interested in this kind of investment. Florentino Perez is not losing hope for the Super League because without Super League contracts, teams won’t be able to get out of the bankruptcy stage soon.