Other Football News & Talk 2019/2020

Messi vs Ronaldo

Unless Messi and Ronaldo, who would win 2012-2014 Ballon d’Or?

Messi and Ronaldo are sharing 11 Golden Ball awards. But it is frequently argued if the two legends always deserved the awards they won. Let’s look at the seasons between 2012-2014 years:   2012 – Iniesta   2012 was the best year of Iniesta’s career. But “unfortunately” at the same time, Lionel Messi had the

03 Apr 2020


Marc Overmars demands the cancellation of the season

Marc Overmars criticizes the Dutch Football Federation and UEFA. He thinks that better if they cancel the season – not because of Ajax’s leadership. Ajax Amsterdam has responded critically to the decision of the Dutch Football Federation. As you may know, according to the decision, they should hold the remaining 8 rounds of the Eredivisie

03 Apr 2020

Messi V Ronaldo

Unless Messi and Ronaldo, who would win 2008-2011 Ballons d’Or?

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the most successful players in European football history. These two legends are sharing 11 Ballons d’Or awards. It is often argued that the Argentine and Portuguese stars deserved all the golden balls they won. Let’s look at 2008-2011:   2008 – Fernando Torres   2008 was the

03 Apr 2020


Messi named 15 of the most talented players in modern football

Barcelona captain Lionel Messi named 15 of the most talented players in modern football. The Argentine superstar also described them in two or three words and noted their strengths:   Trent Alexander-Arnold (Liverpool): “He’s a defensive tackle who’s really great at attacking. He’s the future.” Christian Pulisic (Chelsea): “A player with good balance and speed.”

01 Apr 2020

Steve McManaman

McManaman: Liverpool and Real Madrid are “very much alike”

In Liverpool and Real Madrid, Steve McManaman sees a lot of likeness in terms of history, principles and pressure to succeed in Liverpool and Real Madrid

01 Apr 2020

Messi vs Ronaldo

The players and coaches made a choice between Messi and Ronaldo

No one in the world can agree on who is the better player, Ronaldo, or Messi. There have always been a controversy on this topic, and finally, no one agrees. Today’s article offers you the choice which famous players and coaches made between Ronaldo and Messi.   Maradona; Paul Scholes; Beckham; Marco van Basten; Zlatan

30 Mar 2020


No, Abdelhak Nouri has not come out of the coma now

Abdelhak Nouri, a young and very talented Ajax player, came out of the coma in August 2018 and not now, as many have written. Recall that in the summer of 2017, Nouri was bad during a friendly against Werder, and he had a heart attack right on the pitch. Due to ineffective and delayed medical

29 Mar 2020

Greatest penalty takers

Football greatest penalty-takers of all time

Given the chance, who would be your greatest penalty-taker ever seen in football? Allow me to give you a hand on selecting your best from the top 10 categories in the history of this beautiful game.

27 Mar 2020


Who has the most negative impact on Ronaldinho’s life?!

Ronaldinho has been associated with a magical play on the pitch, and beyond, with not-so-subtle behavior. Fans know that he has spent a great deal of money that he earned on football, not smart enough, and just a few months ago, he even turned bankrupt. This is strange considering that Gaucho is very active even

23 Mar 2020


8 Main Problems Caused by Coronavirus Pauses

European football is in a critical period because of the coronavirus pandemic. Teams are always in the process of waiting and preparing, and no one knows how things will end. Consider eight problems caused by a coronavirus. 1. How will the championships end?   Option One: Hold matches whenever possible. Second: Matches as late as

22 Mar 2020

Robert Lewandowski

All in one side, footballers make Coronavirus donations

Bayern Munich striker, Robert Lewandowski with his wife, Anna, has contributed one million euros (£923,900) to fight coronavirus.

22 Mar 2020

Paolo Maldini

Paulo Dybala and Paolo Maldini test positive

Juventus and Argentina forward, Paulo Dybala and former Italy captain Paolo Maldini have tested positive for the coronavirus.

22 Mar 2020

Messi V Ronaldo

Pele: “Ronaldo is the best player today, and I’m the best in history.”

Legendary Brazilian footballer Pele has named the best player in modernity. “I think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world right now – he stands out most for stability. But, of course, we should not forget Leo Messi either.” Also, the “King of Football” was asked about the best player of all time.

21 Mar 2020

Swiss Super League

‘This is war!’- Swiss club president’s response to criticism

The Swiss Club, Sion’s president was slammed for breaking contracts with players. Christian Constantin still defended his decision. Because of Coronavirus, there is a big scandal around Club Sion in Swiss football. The club urged players to switch to a small work system during a pandemic hiatus and sought to agree on a reduction in

20 Mar 2020


FIFA President Gianni Infantino has put in place mechanisms to minimize impact and support clubs

FIFA wants to offer remedies or tools to clubs that may run into troubled times. Teams such as Werder Bremen, Borussia Monchengladbach, Lyon, and Hearts announced the dismissal or reduction of players’ salaries. FIFA wants to help the clubs Football tried to escape the reality that has trampled the world since January. The games were

20 Mar 2020


Messi is not even in TOP 5 – in the TOP10 of most expensive players

For many, Leo Messi is even the best player in history, but by far, not the most expensive player. At a time when football has stopped, the transfer market is paying close attention, and Transfermarkt has produced some of the world’s 10 most expensive players. The top 10 looks like this:   Antoine Griezmann (Barcelona –

20 Mar 2020

Sadio Mané

Sadio Mane leaves supporters in awe after fantastic gesture

Senegal International and Liverpool star, Sadio Mane donated £41,000 to help fight coronavirus in his home country. Mane decided to make the donation spontaneously when he saw the evolution of the situation.

18 Mar 2020

ilkay gundogan

Gundogan omits Ronaldo from top three players in the world list

Manchester City star, Gundogan has picked Barcelona talisman, Lionel Messi, over the Portuguese star Ronaldo in the eternal debate over who is the greatest player of the modern era.

17 Mar 2020

Champions League

Mini-tournament to decide on Champions League & Europa League fixture congestion

A mini-tournament will be one option put forward to ease the Champions League and Europa League fixture congestion caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

17 Mar 2020