The Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte, spoke about the state of the country in connection with the Coronavirus pandemic and also touched upon the resumption of football events.

“Yesterday, we approved a new resolution that will come into force on May 18 and indicate the real start of the second phase.

The number of infected people is constantly decreasing. At the new stage, we move with full confidence and responsibility.

This is risky. However, if we wait for the vaccine to be made, we will have to wait a long time, which is impossible.

From May 18, beauty salons, shops, bars, museums, and restaurants will open. In addition, group football training will be resumed. Authorities will check whether the measures will be observed. From May 25, we will also open sports centers, gyms, and swimming pools, “Conte said.


Clubs don’t agree with all protocol rules.


The Serie A update is scheduled for June 13. But there is a rule in the protocol that teams don’t agree with. This means resolving the entire squad in quarantine if one member is found to be infected by the coronavirus.

Italian clubs want to act like the Spanish and German championships, which will only isolate an infected player.

The Italian government is going to consider this option and may change the protocol. According to the current information, the group training will resume on May 18, and the games will continue on June 13.