Football may come to a halt once again as COVID-19 causes more destruction with the government showing more concern over the confirmed positive cases.

English football descended into fresh chaos amid a rge in coronavirus cases leading to fears the game could grind to a halt once again. According to Sportsmail, the government has held talks with football authorities amid the increasing number of positive tests.

Premier League clubs have held informal discussions also about holding a fortnight break in the hope that the chaos will ease. However, as it stands, there are no plans to stop the elite sports in the Uk although the situation is fluid.

Consequently, after a dramatic day, it emerged that there are substantial concerns particularly lowed down the English Football pyramid that a second stoppage is inevitable. Additionally, the Premier League COVID enforcement inspectors have warned clubs to tighten their training-ground protocols following a number of breaches reported in the recent weeks.

The prospects of a second suspension of action is understood to already have been discussed by club officials. One prominent source suggested lower- league sides are already preparing to shut their doors and expect clubs further up the football pyramid to follow in time.

Allardyce said: ‘Everyone’s safety is more important than anything. When I hear this variant of the virus transmits 70 per cent quicker, we can only do the right thing.

‘I’m 66 and the last thing I need to do is catch Covid-19. Probably players will overcome it but it’s more difficult for someone like me so I’m very concerned for myself and football in general.

‘We had one positive case this week. The virus seems to be creeping around no matter how hard we try. If a circuit-breaker helps, let’s do it and let the season run a little longer when we get through it.’

Privately, Government officials are eager to prevent a second sporting lockdown but the situation is said to be fluid as discussions between all parties continue.

Sportsmail has also learned that a number of Covid protocol violations have recently been identified by inspectors in the Premier League, who have the task of ensuring clubs comply with strict safety regulations.

Clubs have been issued with strict guidelines but there are concerns that the commitment to abide by these rules has relaxed over time.

The Premier League are now expected to double-down on clubs to ensure they follow all protocols to a tee and ensure as many fixtures can go ahead as possible. Clubs will also increase their testing of players and staff from once to twice a week from now on.

The clubs are taking it upon themselves to warn playing staff not to compromise their own ‘bio-secure bubbles’ — they must not meet with friends and family away from the training ground.