Forbes named the first player in history to cross the $ 1 billion mark. Cristiano Ronaldo became the first billionaire football player.

Such is the case with the leader of Turin’s “Juventus,” Cristiano Ronaldo, who, according to the official data of Forbes, after Tiger Woods and Floyd Mayweather, is the third athlete in history with billions in assets.

The Portuguese striker has earned 650 million euros as a salary in various clubs. Multiple advertising contracts provide the rest of the income.

As for last year, in 2019, the forward of the “Old Lady” earned 105 million euros. The football star has not yet commented on the fact.


It has become known why Ronaldo will play with rugby boots.


Juventus striker Ronaldo is continually striving for perfection. The 35-year-old Portuguese arrived at the club’s base two hours before training two days ago, first training individually and then with the team.

He used the method to improve the game. Tutosport’s photo correspondent noticed and took a picture – Cristiano was training with modified rugby boots. Undoubtedly, he needs them for a better grip on the lawn and hopes to run faster.

It is yet difficult to say whether the new modified boots will be useful and whether it will justify its innovation. We’ll see about that soon. As you know, “Juve” will face “Milan” on June 12 in the semifinal of the Italian Cup.

Interestingly, Andy Delort, the striker of “Montpellier,” played with rugby boots before, who developed a speed of 36.8 km / h and set a record for the French championship.