New information is spread about the expected transfer of Lionel Messi. The former Argentine agent thinks that Leo’s new team will be Inter.

Former agent of Lionel Messi (in the initial period spent in Barcelona) Josep Maria Minguella believes that the Argentine will move to Inter Milan. In an interview with COPE, Minguella named the reason why Leo’s next club will be the Italian Grand.

“In my opinion, Messi already has a team – Inter. Taxes are lower in Italy, and Cristiano Ronaldo is already there. It might be more challenging for him to move to England. It does not matter that he has friends, Guardiola and Aguero there. In Italy, they try to “They will revive football with big purchases,” Minguella said.

Recall that Lionel Messi has decided to enact a clause in his contract, according to which he can leave Barcelona after each season. However, Barcelona are not going to let the Argentine go. So they are asking for the 700 million euros specified in the contract in return. If Messi decides to terminate the contract unilaterally, Barcelona is ready to sue him in court.

Last season, 33-year-old Eo Messi made 44 appearances in all competitions, scoring 31 goals and making 26 assists. Messi’s contract with Barcelona expires in 2021. Raised by the Catalan Grand and Leo is the top scorer in the history of the club. Messi has won the UCL four times with Barça.