Four Sampdoria players, including one who previously recovered and three Fiorentina players tests positive for coronavirus.

The Italian government allowed Serie A clubs to resume training although players can only train individually. The clubs are embarked on testing players and staff as they prepare to return to training facilities.

In the testing process, four Sampdoria players with one that had previously recovered included and three from Fiorentina tested positive.

“During the tests to which the footballers were subjected, three new cases of COVID-19 emerged. One player tested positive again.” Read the Sampdoria statement.

Earlier, Fiorentina had revealed that three players and three of the club’s staff had tested positive too. The condition has taken this week’s tally among Italy’s top-flight clubs to eight. This after Torino announced that one of its players had the virus too.

Fiorentina communicated that the rest of the team will undergo tests on Friday in preparation for the start of training which will be on a voluntary basis.

On Thursday, the Italian Football Federation met the government’s technical-scientific committee to discuss the medical protocol for a potential return to group training.

In addition, sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora said after the meeting he was “hopeful” team training could resume on 18th May.

“There has been a very important, very in-depth meeting, with many requests from doctors and scientists to the FIGC”. Spadafora said on Facebook.

“Now the committee, on the basis of these insights, will draw up its own assessment. They will be sent to the Ministry of Health.”