In the first leg of the Champions League 1/8 final, Lyon will take on Juventus, who, after a few days, are facing the most crucial match in the Italian derby.

There is a Coronavirus panic in Italy. Due to that, Juventus-Inter clash scheduled for March 1 as five more Serie A matches should be played without spectators. Here at Stade de Lumière, the Old Lady will have to play in a really great environment for football – in the face of crowded tribunes.

Until the last moment, however, it was unknown whether two thousand Turin fans would be allowed in France. The reason for this is also the fear of the spread of coronavirus.


Maurizio Sarri has great battles


In general, Maurizio Sarri has great battles on both fronts (in the Championship and the Champions League), in order to maintain the position of Juve’s coach. And no one forgives Juve to fail against Lyon in this crucial match of the eighths finals.

Maurizio Sarri, as accepted, highly praises his opponent ahead of the game and insures himself: “Lyon is a technical team that is brilliantly physically fit and capable of increasing in seconds. They are dangerous opponents against whom we must show an excellent game.

Rudy Garcia’s task is complicated by the fact that the midfielders Jeff Reine-Adelaide and Memphis Depay of the main squad cannot play in Lyon. It will be particularly difficult for the hosts to lose the Dutchman, who is the team’s top scorer in the current Champions League with five goals so far.

“If we only take care of the defense, we won’t win. We will need help from the fans to win. It is they who give us the energy and help us to demonstrate our capabilities fully,” – the Lyon head coach said before the game.