France Football named the 50 best coaches of all time, which caused a great deal of controversy on social media.

Fans are particularly likely to point out that Jurgen Klopp should not be in a better position than Arsene Wenger. Although the second group of fans and analysts at France Football have a different view.

In compiling the ranking, France Football focused on issues such as the number of titles won, influence, personal qualities, and how exemplary this or that coach was for other specialists.

At the top of the ranking is the legend of “Ajax,” “Barcelona,” and the Dutch team, Rinus Michels. He was the coach who has had the most significant impact on football.


The best coaches of all time:


  1. Rinus Michels (Netherlands)
  2. Alex Ferguson (Scotland)
  3. Arigo Saki (Italy)
  4. Johan Cruyff (Netherlands)
  5. Pep Guardiola (Spain)
  6. Valeriy Lobanovskyi (Ukraine)
  7. Elenio Herrera (Argentine/France)
  8. Carlo Ancelotti (Italy)
  9. Ernst Happel (Austria)
  10. Bill Shankly (Scotland)
  11. Matt Busby (Scotland)
  12. Giovanni Trapattoni (Italy)
  13. Jose Mourinho (Portugal)
  14. Miguel Munoz (Spain)
  15. Brian Clough (England)
  16. Marcello Lippi (Italy)
  17. Nereo Rocco (Italy)
  18. Louis Van Gaal (Netherlands)
  19. Ottmar Hitzfeld (Germany)
  20. Bela Guttmann (Hungary/Austria)
  21. Fabio Capello (Italy)
  22. Zinedine Zidane (France)
  23. Viktor Maslov (USSR)
  24. Herbert Chapman (England)
  25. Yup Heynckes (Germany)
  26. Bob Paisley (England)
  27. Jurgen Klopp (Germany)
  28. Albert Batteux (France)
  29. Guus Hiddink (Netherlands)
  30. Udo Lattek (Germany)
  31. Diego Simeone (Argentina)
  32. Arsene Wenger (France)
  33. Vicente del Bosque (Spain)
  34. Jock Stein (Scotland)
  35. Tele Santana (Brasil)
  36. Vic Buckingham (England)
  37. Rafael Benitez (Spain)
  38. Hennes Weisweiler (Germany)
  39. Bob Robson (England)
  40. Dettmar Cramer (Germany)
  41. Mircea Lucescu (Romania)
  42. Tomislav Ivic (Croatia)
  43. Stefan Kovacs (Romania)
  44. Luis Aragones (Spain)
  45. Frank Rijkaard (Netherlands)
  46. Otto Rehhagel (Germany)
  47. Raymond Goethals (Belgium)
  48. Marcelo Bielsa (Argentina)
  49. Antonio Conte (Italy)
  50. Jean-Claude Suaudeau (France)