Frank Lampard insists he is not “Mr. Tough Guy” despite imposing a struct disciplinary code where players face a £20,000 penalty if they were late for training.

A recently leaked fines list revealed a variety of punishments including paying £500 for every minute someone is late to a team meeting.

Lampard says he first consulted his players about the fine structure.

“It might sound harsh but it’s not if you are not late. My only concern when that came out was it makes me look like I’m trying to be Mr. Tough Guy. I’m not.” He said.

“The players were part of the process. I am not here to be a dictator and make things difficult.”

“We spoke with the players and I gave the list to Cesar Azpilicueta when we set out the fines. Maybe the numbers were chosen by myself to a degree.”

“I do think discipline is an important thing and I’m very happy to work with the players. I want to be successful and i expect them to look after each other on the pitch and when they train, so I expect them to respect each other in terms of turning up.”

The money collected from the fines is given to charity and Lampard, whose Chelsea side will face Manchester City on Saturday is confident his players are happy with the system.

He added, “If you talk about coming late to training, we arrive at 10 and start training at 11.”

“If you are late for training, you are effectively an hour and 15 minutes late without any excuse. That is quite a big deal if you are preparing for a game against Manchester City on the next day.”

“I know the fines are relative. People can have their mind. But the players are certainly big in the setting up of that and I think it’s important to have discipline in the workplace.”

Chelsea’s player, Liason Kevin Campello is the debt collector with all fines doubling they are not settled within two weeks.