French international centre-back Eliaquim Mangala is one of five Valencia players and staff who have tested positive for coronavirus.

Covid-19 is spreading between footballers

Valencia centre-back Eliaquim Mangala was clogged with his coronavirus diagnosis and still has not experienced any symptoms, as he continues 14 days in isolation. Mangala was one of the five players in the first team from the Spanish club who tested positive for COVID-19, while Ezequiel Garay and Jose Gaya and other players in this group confirmed their diagnoses. On Monday, Valencia announced that 35% of all tests conducted on people associated with the club returned positive. Speaking to reporters, Mangala said: “On Friday, we did a few checks at the club, simple. I had no symptoms, and I was like every day.

Mangala thought it was a joke

“So, when on Sunday morning the doctor told me that I was positive, I was shocked. At first, I thought it was a joke. But when he talked about quarantine, for 14 days, staying away from my children, I realized that this is not a joke. “Mangala, who confirmed that he had infected coronavirus on social networks at the beginning of the week with his followers, further described in detail how he managed to keep the training program inside the family room.” I am in quarantine at home. I was lucky, I have a house, where my family can remain in isolation,” he explained. “There is one floor where I stay, and my family is upstairs. We try to avoid each other as much as possible.”

I continue training at home

“My day is simple: I have no symptoms, so I can continue to train. Valencia gave us a schedule.” With a mask, I go out to my garden to continue training. And then I watch documentaries, films; I play video games. There is Netflix, I also read. “Spain is the second most affected country in Europe from a coronavirus pandemic: 11,178 registered cases and 491 deaths. La Liga suspended all operations indefinitely, as the struggle to contain the outbreak continues, and the rest of the major leagues throughout Europe follow the same Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1 closed their doors until April, while it’s been widely reported that Euro 2020 should be pushed back until next year.