Dutch player Frenkie De Jong joined Barcelona in the summer of 2019. Youngster player was the star of Ajax but could not hold back after Barcelona’s offer. Dutch player talked about the difference between Premier League and La Liga.

Which league is better?

Frenkie De Jong believes that Spanish Primera Division and Premier League are the best leagues in the world. The midfielder believes that playing for Barcelona is a very important and most significant advantage for any player. At the same time, Dutch players noted that La Liga could be on a lower level than the Premier League.

Everything seems perfect in Premier League

De Jong believes that the Premier League has more influence on football than La Liga. Frenkie noted that the world’s best player is playing for La Liga, but the Premier League has a different influence. Premier League has more intensity, and fans are more promoted into the games. Frenkie believes that the main factor for the Premier League’s success is related to fans.

La Liga teams dominating Europe

Dominating the European tournaments was famous for Spanish clubs. Frenkie De Jong said that the current decade was the absolute best of La Liga Teams. Barcelona could win two Champions League, and Real Madrid could win four champions league, and Atletico Madrid played two finals. Despite European success, Frenkie believes that Premier League became better than La Liga in the last few years.

Premier League teams on top of the European football

De Jong said that everything changed in the last few years. Dutch midfielder believes that Premier League teams are more powerful now. Intensity became an important factor for winning the international trophies; that’s why Premier League clubs became better in Europe. At the same time, Frenkie personally prefers the Premier League because of the intensity of games. According to Barcelona’s midfielder, there are many average teams in the Premier League that can beat Liverpool or Manchester City. Meanwhile, there is a big gap between the mediocre teams of La Liga and Barcelona/Real Madrid.