The night of the 25th September was magnificent for two Brazilian youngsters. That night will always be in the heart of two players – Rodrygo and Vinicius. Both Brazilian wingers scored their debut goals for Real Madrid. Junior Vinicius has already scored a goal, but officially La Liga named that as “own goal of the defender.”

Vinicius was a starter against Osasuna

Junior played a game against Osasuna from the start. Zidane heavily counts on Vinicius, and Brazilian tries his best to deliver excellent results. Real Madrid brought Brazilian winger last year, and the main plan was to let him play for Castilla. Last season was a massive disappointment for Real Madrid. Santiago Solari decided to test players from Real Madrid B. Vinicius was the only fast and skillful player from Real Madrid before he got injured.

There was significant pressure on Vinicius as everyone wanted him to win matches alone. At the same time, Vinicius could not shot on target successfully. So, it was an actual problem for Brazilian youngster. He could dribble through defenders, make an excellent cross, or even give beautiful assist. Unfortunately, he could not score a goal  (once defender helped him, as, after his cross, the defender scored his own goal).

The first goal for both players

Vinicius scored his first goal for Real Madrid in the first half against Osasuna. It was a calm match for 30 minutes, but Real Madrid players increased the pressure in the last minutes of half. Kroos saw Vinicius on the left-wing and crossed the ball. Vinicius player smoothly and without hesitation, he shot on target. It was a beautiful goal, and Vinicius cried like a baby as his hard work is reaping the results.  

Vinicius talked with journalists after the match. Brazilian said that he was very excited after the goal and could not hold tears. Winger promised that he would continue with more motivation.

A wonder goal from Rodrygo in the second half.

Another Brazilian youngster played an essential role against Osasuna. Zidane substituted Vinicius on 71st minute, and Rodrygo touched the field for the first time in a white shirt.

With his first touch, Rodrygo dribbled through left wing and scored a beautiful goal in the left side of the goalkeeper. Rodrygo scored right after substitution on 72nd minute.

After the match, 18 years old player was satisfied with teamwork and his success. Rodrygo talked only about teamwork. Youngster said that the most important thing is to win, not his goal. Also, Brazilian said that Zidane trusts him and French coach can count on any player as they will do 100% on the pitch. Rodrygo became a first scorer of Real Madrid born in the 21st century.