Jiangsu Suning’s head coach talked about Gareth Bale yesterday. The coach said that the player was very close to signing for the Chinese team.

Gareth Bale was almost the player of Chinese Super League club

In summer, we saw many rumors about Bale’s departure from Real Madrid. Zinedine Zidane said that he would be happy to let Bale go. After the interview, the agent of Gareth Bale has criticized Zinedine Zidane. Everyone in the media and sporting industry criticized Zidane because of that statement. After a few days, the French coach said that he meant different things. It’s obvious that Zidane and Bale have a very complicated relationship. Flash forward to the current period, Zidane is the biggest praiser of Bale. The player is doing good in the team but without big motivation. 

Jiangsu wanted Gareth Bale

Jiangsu Suning’s head coach said that the team was ready for Bale. The coach noted that Gareth already had personal contract details with the Chinese team. Unfortunately for club fans, Real Madrid changed the decision in 24 hours. Everything went well for the whole week but it took 24 hours to changed the mind of Real Madrid’s coach.

What was the motivation of Zidane to change the mind?

Zinedine Zidane changed the mind because of the injury of Asensio. As you may know, the Spanish player got the injury against Arsenal. It was the first friendly match of summer 2019. Unfortunately to the Spanish player, Asensio got the ASL injury and it became very hard for him to play this season. As of now, Asensio is running without the ball and it’s believed that he can play the last three rounds of La Liga. The Spanish midfielder has missed 90% of the season. 

It was hard to find a good replacement for Asensio during the summer. Along with Asensio’s injury, selling Bale would be a big hit for Real Madrid.