Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has commented about the Red Devils’ goalkeeper David De Gea. He thinks De Gea is no longer what he used to be.

“He was the only player that Manchester United could rely on for the last four years. But that’s not the case now. He has not been able to show the old level for a long time.

When you lose shape for six months, it is a sign of something. But when it all lasts for a year, it also causes mental anxiety. De Gea makes a lot of mistakes that he has never made before. The way the fans of the Spanish team received him had a terrible effect on him. After all, he was even criticized by his own fans.

At the 2018 World Cup, he was actually nervous and struggling. Since then, he has had doubts about his own strength. Mentally, he is no longer what he used to be, ”Sky Sports quoted Neville as saying.


“Manchester has only one player at the world level.”


Former Manchester United captain Gary Neville has also spoken about the team’s midfielder Paul Pogba.

“Hopefully, European economic problems will not allow clubs to spend 80-100 million, and Manchester United will be able to keep Paul Pogba.

Loyalty to the club is the only thing I ask of him. I really believe that he is the single real world-level player of Manchester United. Two years ago, I would have named David de Gea instead of him, “ quoted Neville as saying.

Pogba’s contract with United runs until June 30, 2021. But the Red Devils may extend his contract for another year.