Former Manchester United player and football expert Gary Neville has voiced his opinion on the possible creation of a new tournament, the European Premier League.

Gary Neville: “The biggest problem is that the creation of this tournament is now being considered when, because of the pandemic, football is on its knees. It is dangerous to even think about having to spend $ 6 billion on a competition while clubs in the lower divisions are struggling to survive. This is another wound of football. So, what time is it talked about?

Football will soon transform itself as fans turn their backs on it. People who can not go to football now and miss it very much may leave because they do not like this endless idea. This can not be allowed.

Recall that today it became known that ten grands of England, Germany, Spain, Italy and France are negotiating the establishment of a new tournament called the European Premier League. FIFA supports the tournament, and it may start in 2022. 16 or 18 clubs will play in the European Premier League. Now the authors of the idea are in search of investors. JP Morgan Bank will be one of the investors.