According to the “Daily Mirror”, Jürgen Klopp will agree with Germany. Liverpool leaders are thinking about Steven Gerrard.

Almost the whole of German football is dreaming of Jürgen Klopp taking over the German national football team, as the Bundesliga team has long had a serious crisis in the hands of Joachim Low. But the prospect of appointing Klopp as Bundesliga coach has been very vague so far. Now the situation has changed because Klopp himself has a crisis in Liverpool. So, there is a great chance to leave the Merseyside club! The Daily Mirror and German publications write about it.

According to the Daily Mirror’s exclusive information, the 53-year-old Klopp will agree to the offer of the German Football Federation (DFB) in case of an offer, and Liverpool is considering the appointment of Steven Gerrard instead.

Low has a contract with the DFB until 2022, but may be terminated after the European Championship. So, if the position of coach of the German national team will be vacant, all roads will go to Klopp. The Daily Mirror writes that if such a development was vague until now because Klopp had everything perfectly in Liverpool, now it is different and the German coach himself wants to join the team.

Jürgen and Merseyside have a severe crisis. The German has a contract until 2024, although nothing is ruled out anymore. According to the “Mirror”, the leaders of Liverpool are no longer sure that Klopp will be able to pull the team out of the crisis. Indeed, they are not thinking about releasing him now because the crisis is mainly due to injuries. But they still do not rule out anything. At the same time, they know that Klopp wants to work for the German national team and if he gets a chance, he will not refuse.


“Steven Gerrard will be the first candidate in case of Klopp’s departure”


Also, Steven Gerrard is a very interesting candidate for the Merseysiders. Recall that the Liverpool legend is training the Glasgow Rangers and has a contract until 2024. According to the “Mirror”, Liverpool owner John Henry and director Tom Werner are monitoring the work of Gerrard. So, Steven will be the first candidate in case of Klopp’s departure. In short, Gerrard and his assistant Gary McAllister have everything they need to change Klopp and his staff.