Goalkeepers need excellent positional sense and incredible shot-stopping ability. Gianluigi Buffon owns all unique professional qualities at once and, even at the age of almost 42 years, impresses spectators by showing his courage and class to them.

All he did for Bianconeri


Gianluigi Buffon had significantly raised his game along with Juventus since 2001 when he left Parma and joined the Bianconeri.

The Italian Goalkeeper and Juventus’s Captain won a World Cup in 2006. In 2015/2016, he set a new record for the longest time (973 minutes) of keeping his net without conceding a goal.

Buffon joined Paris Saint-Germain from Juventus in 2018 and signed for 12 months in the last free season. As he explained later, he just wanted to measure up something new to leave the comfort zone. After winning Ligue 1, he felt that it was enough, and he would like to come back home.

According to the reports by Corriera Della Sera, after PSG exit Buffon was standing against the biggest Dilemma of his life. He had a desire to continue playing, and at the same time, he knew that it was time for him to hang his gloves up.

But he decided to come back!

As soon as he received the invitation from the Old Lady, Gigi Buffon accepted it and returned to the place that he called ‘home.’ ‘Lady’s invitation could not be rejected,’ – explained the Italian Goalkeeper.


Achieved Rewards and the life-long dream


If we look back to the most excellent Goalkeeper’s impressive career, he has achieved almost all precious rewards. But there still remains Buffon’s everlasting dream – the Champions League.

According to some rumors, Gigi was planning to hang up his gloves after the PSG exit. But after he found out about Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus, Buffon decided that it could be a chance for him and for Juventus as well. Having Cristiano Ronaldo in the team increased his hopes for winning the Champions League.


After he finishes his tremendous and experienced career, he does not want to be a coach. He says, he prefers the role of a recruiter.