According to the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, the Video Assistant Referee is “certainly not damaging” football.

With uncertainty, it might not be possible to gauge football fans’ views on the VAR if at all it’s “damaging” football or not. However, according to a poll carried out by the BBC sport, only a third of fans in the UK said they believed VAR has made football better.

To dig deeper, Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, and Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish have both called for VAR to be scrapped after recent controversial decisions.

Recall,  the World governing body, FIFA took full control of VAR from the sport’s lawmakers, the International Football Association Board in July. After extensive trials, VAR was written into the laws of the game by ifab in 2018 and used in the year’s World Cup in Russia.

In the Premier League, the VAR was introduced in the 2019/20 campaign.

As a response surrounding the VAR, Gianni Infantino said, “we have to remember the VAR was introduced for the first time two years ago, not 20 years ago. VAR is helping football. It’s certainly not damaging football”.

“We must not make a confusion between VAR and maybe sometimes wrong decisions which are taken because of the wrong way in which VAR is used. Maybe in some places because of the lack of experience of those using the VAR”.

“Let’s not forget this really is a landmark change for a referee who didn’t grow up with the VAR. We have to take the pulse of what is happening out there and to take the criticism and analyze them”.

“VAR is not an obligation. It’s there to help. Those who don’t want to use it, are not obliged to use it. It helped referees in the World Cup, it helps referees in many competitions, and players and coaches agree”. Concluded Infantino.