Speaking to the beIN SPORTS, Manchester United’s Welsh legend Ryan Giggs named four players who were inviolable in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, and Fergie did not criticize them compared to others.

Giggs has won the Premier League title 13 times with Ferguson. Though he says, he has never been on the inviolable list.

“There were three or four players that Fergie never criticized. The first such was Eric Cantona, as well as Brian Robson, Roy Keane, and Cristiano Ronaldo. They all won the matches in their own style. ”


“Their relationship has always amazed the team.”


Ryan Giggs says the relationship between Sir Alex Ferguson and Eric Cantona has always amazed the team.

“In some meetings, Cantona simply did nothing. He didn’t score. He didn’t run like Tevez or Rooney. He did not influence the game though he knew that sooner or later, he would play well.

We sat in the dressing room and thought, “He didn’t do anything today. Ferguson has to criticize him.” And then he won the game the following week. He was practicing witchcraft on the pitch. ”

Sir Alex Ferguson coached United from 1986-2013 and rewrote the club’s history from start to finish. In the 27-year-old era, there were only 4 players who did not deserve the criticism and fire of “Fergie,” which undoubtedly indicates their uniqueness.