Gladbach’s official newspaper had a fascinating interview with Stindl. Lars is a team captain, and he was glad to answer questions from the fans.


Lars Stindl about the decision of Marco Rose

Captain of Gladbach said that he is not happy with Marco’s decision. At the same time, Marco noted that the team took this news very professionally. Lars knows that these kinds of things happen in modern football. Marco Rose and Eberl explained everything during the meet-up. It was a special meet-up, and the team was confident after it. Lars said that the team is ready to take advantage of this situation and focus more on upcoming matches.

Lars Stindl said that the team is very confident. News from Marco Rose won’t affect the squad’s performance in upcoming matches. Vice Versa – the team is ready to win all upcoming games. They know how professional Marco Rose is, so he wants to focus on any forthcoming match entirely.


The current situation in Bundesliga

Journalists asked Lars about the current situation. He noted that the team is winless in the last three matches but without a defeat in the previous eight games. Lars said that the team started playing better after winter break. It was essential to break a streak of many losses. Gladbach is not currently in the top position because they have lost many points with lower-tier clubs. Lars wants to win a game against Mainz to keep more points. 


Champions League tie against Manchester City

Borussia’s captain said that the team is ready to play their football and strategy against any club, no matter it’s Man.City or Mainz. At this moment, Lar is entirely focused on Bundesliga’s match. It’s not ethical to think about Wednesday’s game when there is an upcoming Saturday’s clash.