The 23rd round of Premier League was full of exciting matches. We saw an exciting game between Manchester and Liverpool while Chelsea was playing against Newcastle.

Liverpool 2-0 Manchester United

What a performance from Liverpool. The Reds had many moments to score a goal, but they failed at the last moment. It was believed that Manchester could finish the current winning streak of Liverpool.

Jurgen Klopp created a machine that deserved the praise. Even French superstar, Kylian Mbappe praised the work of Jurgen Klopp. Young French player noted that Liverpool is something exceptional under Jurgen.

English newspapers believe that Liverpool is set to win the Premier League at Etihad. It would be a perfect gift to Jurgen Klopp to win the trophy at the stadium of the primary opponent. Manchester City can’t show the true potential this season. Pep’s team lost many points from the start of the season, and it’s unlikely they can catch Liverpool.

Liverpool won the first half thanks to Virgil Van Dijk. Dutch defender scored a header and gave a lead to the Reds. It’s important to note that Liverpool had two shots on target, but they failed to score second. In the last five minutes of the match, Ole’s players tried to attack and score the game-tying goal. In a recent attack by Manchester United, Allison saved the ball. Brazilian player quickly crosses the ball to Mo Salah, who dribbled through the half of Manchester United and scored an easy goal. Liverpool won the handicap, and it was a match that almost officially confirmed that Klopp would be the champion of the Premier League this season.

Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

Frank Lampard wants to take Chelsea to the Champions League zone. Manchester United is the fifth team of Premier League, but they still have a chance to catch Chelsea. That’s why important for Frank to get as many points as possible.

Lampard’s players were good until the 94th minute. First of all, Lampard started a game with three attacking players. Willian was on the left-wing, Hudson on the right and Tammy Abraham in the center. Kante is back in action, and Chelsea played a dominant game. Overall, the London club had four shots on target, but they could not convert successfully.

Newcastle had only one shot on target for 90 minutes, and the second shot on goal happened on 94th minute that changed the outcome. The referee decided to add 4 minutes as extra time. It was visible that players were ready to finish the match and get one point. Unfortunately to Chelsea fans, Newcastle player had another idea. On 94th minute, Newcastle player crossed the ball in the penalty area, and Hayden scored an easy goal. Chelsea lost a very important point against Newcastle United.

Arsenal 1-1 Sheffield United

Three draws in a row for Mikel Arteta. As you may know, the Spanish coach decided to join Arsenal at the end of December. He was working as an assistant coach of Pep Guardiola. Arsenal fans believed that choosing Mikel could be a game-changer. As it seems, Arsenal can’t win a match under Mike’s management.

Arsenal opened the score in the first half. In the 45th minute, Martinelli scored the goal and gave a lead to the Gunners. Arteta’s players could not keep the score, and they have conceded a goal in the 83rd minute. Arsenal had seven more minutes to turn the table around, but unfortunately, to fans, the team could not do anything more.

The Gunners are 10th in the Premier League table. Club has only 30 points in 23 matches and could score only 36 goals. Sheffield is a way better team than Arsenal if we take a look at the standings. Sheffield has conceded only 22 goals and could accumulate 33 points.

The leaders of Premier League

Liverpool is an undisputed leader of the Premier League. In 22 matches, The Reds have 64 points. Jurgen’s team could score 52 goals and concede 14. Manchester City is the primary opponent of Liverpool, but they have only 48 points in 23 rounds.

Manchester United and Chelsea are still fighting for the Champions League spot. Both teams lost the matches in the 23rd round. Newcastle was stronger than Chelsea, and Liverpool was way better than Manchester United. Both sides still have a chance to qualify for the Champions’ League group stage.

The relegation Zone

The relegation zone of the Premier League is very tight. Norwich is the last team of league with only 17 points in 23 rounds. Bournemouth, Watford and West Ham have the same amount of points. All of those teams can advance to a higher position with just a few consecutive wins or draws.

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