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11 Jun 2020
The Goal Post

Buaksib Asia presents football 101 on basic football terminology


Let’s learn a few football jargon and words to know the beautiful game better.


Bicycle Kick: A spectacular move in which a player jumps in the air in a backflip motion, kicking the ball backward over their head. The name comes from action which mimics their legs moving as if pedaling a bicycle.

Boot It: It is when a team-mate of a player gives the instruction to clear the ball away. Boots the ball.

Ball to hand: It is when the ball comes in contact with the hand area. Instead of a handball, this is a claim that is made usually by teams. so that they will not want a free-kick.

Box-to-Box Player: This is a player with an outstanding amount of work rate on the football field. These players work hard in the defense as well as offense and literally cover every inch of the ground. such players usually play in the midfield and act as the backbone for attack and spearhead for the defense.

Back of the net: A commentator favorite to describe the ball crossing the line and hugging the net, in other words, a goal.

Brace: When the term “brace” is used in football, it is referring to the act of one player scoring 2 goals in a single game. If a player has “scored a brace” it means they have scored twice.


Tell us what should we put for the letter C in the comment section below.

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