Another round is to be held in Italian Serie A. In the last round of the championship, Ciro Immobile’s rival Cristiano Ronaldo will not play against Roma.

As you know, the best scorers in the European leagues are awarded every season. This year, the Italian national team and Lazio striker Ciro Immobile is the owner of the “Golden Boot.”

Ciro has scored 35 goals this season, enough to win the prize. The Italian has already overtaken Robert Lewandowski with a goal against Brescia, and the Bundesliga is long over.

The only player who could resist Immobile was Cristiano Ronaldo. Although, the Portuguese will not play against Roma in the last round, and accordingly, Ciro has won the Golden Boot.

Immobile is the third Italian to win a “Golden Boot” in history. Before that, Francesco Totti and Luca Toni had won the title.

The Lazio striker has a chance to break Gonzalo Higuain’s record as well. This requires him to score two goals in the last round against Napoli, thus making him the most goal-scoring player in a single season in Serie A.

The award, which has existed since 1968, is presented to the best scorer of the Continental Leagues by the European Sports Magazines since 1997.

The number of goals scored and the strength of the league are taken into account when compiling the rating. The goals scored in the European TOP5 (Spain, England, Germany, Italy, and France) Leagues are multiplied by 2, while in the championships of the countries that are ranked 6th to 22nd in the UEFA rankings, the number of goals is multiplied by 1.5.