Group D has only five national teams and two spots for Euro 2020. On September 5th, Group D held two matches. Group leader Ireland hosted Switzerland while Denmark had an away game against Gibraltar.

Gibraltar 0-6 Denmark

Denmark is on the second position in the group but has a chance to qualify for Euro 2020 from the first position. Denmark has no superstar team in the competition, and the coach thinks that they have the opportunity for the first spot. Danish players were in a good mood as they scored five goals against Georgia in previous game.

After two draws, Denmark won two games in a row. Both games were against weaker teams of the group, but it’s a sign of improvement. Denmark’s superstar Eriksen was in a perfect physical condition, so he played from the start.

The first half of the game

Denmark had full domination is the first half. They had eight goal attempts and could only score twice. First, Eriksen assisted Skov, and then he scored a penalty on 34th minute. There were not any other chances in the first half, so Denmark won 45 minutes.

The second half of the game

Danish footballer started playing sharply in the second half. Eriksen and co. decided to create more chances in the second half. Danish players scored four goals in last 45 minutes, while Eriksen scored two penalties and assisted twice. Eriksen was the man of the match after and he was happy despite the failed transfer to Real Madrid.

After the match, Tomasson was happy with the result. Tomasson’s team scored 11 goals in the last two games, and they can top the group D soon. Denmark has 8 points, and Ireland is just three points ahead.

Ireland 1-1 Switzerland

After five matches, Ireland is the leader of the group D. Irish team hosted Swiss players on a warm evening of Thursday.

1st half was very slow and without any intense character. Players just looked very lazy as they had only one shot on target. Everything changed in the second half when Switzerland scored a goal in the 74th minute. Irish players decided to rely on their explosive character and dominated Swiss field in the last 15 minutes. On 85th minute, McGoldrick scored goal after McClean’s assist.

Chances to qualify for Euro 2020

Ireland is on the first position with 11 points, but the team played five games already. Denmark has played only four matches, and they got 8 points, so the team is on the second position. Switzerland, with only three games played, has five points and is on third position.

Those three teams have a real chance to qualify for Euro 2020 even from the first position.