The Gunners will have to make a big decision on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer, admits Nigel Winterburn.

 £80 million for Aubameyang

The Gunners will have to make a big decision on Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang this summer. As admits Nigel Winterburn, while Arsenal is not going to receive 80 million pounds (104 million dollars) for the striker entering the last 12 months of his contract. Those at the Emirates Stadium hoped that by now, their club captain would be tied to new conditions. However, no agreement reached, and questions are still being asked about the future of a prolific forward in northern London. Some suggested that at 30, Arsenal would allow Pierre-Emerick to wreck his deal and go free, rather than risk losing his most effective attacking weapon.

Winterburn hopes that Pierre-Emerick will be their player in next season

Nigel admits that the Gabonese present a rather strange situation, telling reporters: “I hope Aubameyang will be Arsenal player next season, but they have to make a decision.” Arsenal has never been a significant expense club. His contract is next season, and they will not allow someone to terminate the agreement again, although they have few opportunities if he wants to do it.” If there is an indication that he is not going to sign, they may have to seize the opportunity and say:” That’s right, we will take 40 million pounds or something else. “I don’t think they’ll get 70 or 80, which they talk about with the year left for a player who is about 31 years old.

No case when Ozil leaves the Gunners

“For me, it is more important whether the player wants to stay, who comes to call in the summer, and whether Arsenal risks or can they convince him to sign a new contract? At the moment, it’s so hard to call it.”Another of those who saw the movement regularly, this is Mesut Ozil, with the winner of the World Cup also tied to conditions until 2021. He said that he intends to comply with this favorable agreement, and Winterburn does not expect Arsenal to work on creative influence, which again opened the spark under the direction of Mikel Arteta. A former defender of Arsenal said: “I do not think there is a case when Mesut Ozil leaves in the summer.

Mesut improved his performance

I think Mesut Ozil said, “I stay; I see my contract.” And Arsenal offered him a deal. He will not be forced to go out of the door if the club does not want him. Mesut Ozil’s performance has improved. There is no doubt about that. But again, if you’re going to see 90 minutes of performance from Ozil, you will be disappointed. He is not such a player. He is in the game for 10 minutes, he can then disappear for a while, but then he returns to the game. “But if you give him enough ball and he will create something for you. But is this enough for the current manager, and can he do a little more on defense?

“You will never get a solution to Ozil’s problem, but can he get into positions to slow down the opposition or go and press properly when the manager wants you to press?” I think that these are questions that will be asked from Arteta to Ozil, to offer him more regular play and what kind of participation he will have in the next season, which is more intriguing for me.”