Nothing is heard of Liverpool’s transfer plans. Jurgen Klopp made an interesting comment on this topic. He doesn’t think to be right to spend 100 millions when they have halved salaries.

The English sports media often write about the transfer goals of Manchester City, Chelsea, and other Premier League clubs. But so far nothing has been heard about Liverpool’s plans. Jurgen Klopp, the head coach of the team, made an interesting comment on this topic.


‘This doesn’t seem right’


“3-4 weeks ago, we did not know if the season would continue. Today, however, we seem to be back to our usual rhythm of life, and the clubs are still ready to pay 50-60 million euros in exchange for the players. I think this doesn’t seem right because we yet do not know what will happen in the future and when the fans will return to the stands.

You can’t spend money and not know how much money you can bring in tomorrow. This may lead to a collapse. The clubs have halved salaries of the players and at the same time are ready to spend 100s of million euros on transfers. You will be asked to answer for this and First of all. They will have to do that against their players. That’s why Liverpool Transfer is not in the market, and that’s logical. ” Said, Jurgen Klopp.

Liverpool are the reigning champions of the Champions League, with a single-point lead at 82 points. In second place is Manchester City with 57 points and no one doubts that Klopp’s team will become the champion of England.