Saturday’s game against Mainz is a chance for Bayern to get a crown. The team needs one more win to become a champion of Germany.

Hans Flick is confident in winning

German coach met with the media on Friday evening. He was very confident and proud of the squad. Hans said that Bayern players are doing everything to win the game against Mainz. He admitted that the team is one win (three points) away from getting Bundesliga’s crowns. That’s why Bayern Munich will play differently in Mainz. Flick admitted that team spirit is at another level and they want to get a crown as soon as possible.


Leaving Bayern Munich in the summer

Bayern Munich management did not like the transparency of Hans Flick. As you may know, the German coach admitted that he is leaving the team in the summer. It happened exactly two weeks ago and it’s visible that Bayern’s management is happy with the publicly sharing information. The manager of the team said that Hans could wait until the end of the season because it may affect the players’ moods.


Robert Lewandowski is back in action

Hans Flick was in a good mood during the press conference. He said that Robert Lewandowski is back in action and he will available against Mainz. Also, Hans said that the most important thing is that they have a chance to become a champion on Saturday. He even joked that Robert would also agree with his opinion and the main thing is all about the championship. Flick said that Mainz remains unbeaten in the last six games and it’s possible that they will defend well against Bayern Munich too. The German coach said that big pressure will be on the attacking line because without scoring many goals on Saturday, it won’t be possible to get a championship crown.