Hans Flick was very disappointed by the result on Tuesday night. He met with the media and talked about different things.

Bayern Munich was way better than PSG

German coach said that the whole team management and players are very much disappointed. He said that team players did everything to another amazing game and they did it – winning in Paris is not easy. Keep in mind that Bayern Munich won the second-leg of the tie but could not advance to the next level. Hans Flick said that Bayern Munich was one step above PSG in both games. He said that the team played well in both games, in Munich and Paris. At the same time, Flick added that there was a lot of luck involved from the side of Parisians. That’s why Bayern Munich could not score a second goal in Paris or many goals in Munich. Hans Flick admitted that he is very proud of the players and they will continue working in the Bundesliga. Keep in mind that Bayern Munich is the leader of the Bundesliga table and the team can win the game in the internal league.


Thomas Muller’s opinion

German midfielder was right next to the manager of the team. Muller said that team players put their souls and hearts into the game. Yes, scoring and winning a game in Paris is a good result but not for Bayern Munich. In this case, PSG was better because of luck , said Thomas Muller. German midfielder admitted that Bayern Munich players did everything to study the opponent and get better results in Paris but in the end they failed. Muller noted that Bayern was having a big problem in the attacking line – Robert Lewandowski. Polish striker got an injury two weeks ago and he could not help the team. Keep in mind that 50% of Bayern’s goals this season comes on Robert, so it was a big problem for the whole team.