Hans Flick and Coman met with the press before the clash against Lazio. Bayern Munich has to play against Lazio in the Champions League on Tuesday night.


Playing against Lazio

German coach said that he wants to have the best team in the world against Lazio. He noted that Bayern’s whole squad (who is healthy) is ready to face Lazio and win against the Rome-based team. Hans noted that the game against Eintracht Frankfurt was not easy for the squad. They lost the first match in the last few weeks and it was a big blow. At the same time, Flick admitted that the players already forgot about the loss. They have to show high-quality football against Italians.


Influence of Miroslav Klose

As you may know, Miroslav Klose is working along with Bayern Munich coaching staff. He was the player and superstar of both Bayern and Lazio. Journalists asked Hans about the influence and role of Klose against Lazio. FLick said that he already talked with Klose and they have discussed the upcoming game. German coach knows that Klose played with the squad members of Lazio and he knows Inzaghi very well. Bayern’s coach admitted that Klose gave him few hints about the attacking line and counter-attacks of Lazio.


Robert Lewandowski V Ciro Immobile

Tuesday night will be a fight between Robert and Ciro. Both players scored the most goals in the previous season. Robert Lenwadowski scored 34 goals and Italian striker scored two more goals than Polish player. Ciro Immobile won the golden boot as he accumulated 36 goals at the end of the season. Even in this season, both strikers are trying their best to compete against each other. Clash on Tuesday will be interesting in this prism too. Robert Lenwadowski could be in a better situation in the Champions League. No one has scored more goals than Robert Lewandowski and Cristiano Ronaldo in the Champions League since 2017.