Hans Flick met with the media representatives before the clash against PSG. Keep in mind that PSG will play against Bayern Munich on Tuesday night.


German coach said that he is very proud of the players. Hans admitted that Bayern Munich could get a better result in Munich. Bayern lost the first game at home stadium. PSG was better in converting shots into the goals. Bayern Munich scored only two while Neymar and his teammates could score three. Hans said that Bayern could get better in Munich and they have more chances than PSG. At the same time, Hans Flick believes that there is still 90 minutes to go and it will be full of opportunities. The only thing that Hans Flick asked players is to keep believing and chances will come eventually.


Updates on injuries

Hans Flick said that playing with the current squad will not be easy. At the same time, he believes that there will be many chances for this current squad. For the injuries list, Flick said that Robert Lewandowski’s situation is in good hands. Robert already started walking and then slowly running on the pitch. Hans was happy about the question on Robert. The coach admitted that Robert will be fit soon and he may return to the group exercises in next two weeks.


Main target in Paris

Hans Flick said that the team has one simple goal in Paris – keep moving and running faster than possible. There will be chances for Bayern Munich to score because they have seen weaknesses of Poche’s team in Munich. Hans FLick said that PSG has many weaknesses and the team will try best to use those weaknesses as an advantage. Hans Flick noted that the Bayern Munich squad is fully fit and ready for the clash in Paris. German coach said that people love football because of matches like this.